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City Of Jenks FAQs

Q. What if I don’t want to participate in the recycling program?

A. You can opt-out of receiving a recycle container two ways:

  1. Check the red box on the mailer you receive (Before August 1st, 2019) if you DO NOT want a recycle container delivered to your home, detach the postcard and drop it in the mail.
  2. Call (918) 582-1147 to speak with a customer service representative

Q. What day will my recycling container be picked up?

A. Your recycling container is picked up on the same day you set your waste container out

Q. How do I know what to recycle?

A. Educational material outlining what recyclables to place in the recycle container and items that should not be placed in the recycle container will be delivered by mail prior to and after the delivery of your recycle container.

Q. What if the item I want to recycle isn’t shown on the recycle container label, mailer, refrigerator magnet or reusable recycle tote?

A. Email your question and photo (optional) of the item to

Q. How do I receive a second recycle container?

A. Call (918) 582-1147 and ask a Customer Service Representative you would like an additional recycle container. There is a $35.00 administrative/delivery charge to deliver the second recycle container. Your service charge will increase by $5.00 per month for the second recycle container

Q. Can I still recycle in Jenks if I live in an apartment?

A. Yes – There are Mr. Murph recycling bins located throughout Jenks. No need to separate your recyclables! Place your recyclables mixed together loose in the recycle bin. Please, do not bag your recyclables or place plastic bags of any type in the recycle bin. For a recycle bin near you, go to

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